Who will win the war of tablets in 2012?

The broker division of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch made a ranking with the winners from 2012 of tablet industry.

Of course, there will be winners and losers but, say Merrill Lynch analysts. It’s not just about those who put their brands on tablets, but also the suppliers of components such as processors, memory, display, says CNNMoney.

Amazon – The people from Merrill Lynch expects of strong sales from Amazon Kindle Fire, the tablet launched last month. The interest for Kindle is argued by analysts by targeting the giant Amazon to media content.

Apple – Merrill Lynch believes that Apple will remain the main player in the next year on the tablet market. Apple’s strength is, besides its devices, and services that are hard to be compete (iTunes, AppStore and iCloud).

Corning – Corning is the maker of Gorilla Glass screening protection that are preferred by almost all the players from the tablet and smartphones market. In 2012, with the expansion of electronic devices on the emerging markets, Corning will benefit.

Qualcomm – The producer of processors for mobile devices has a very good development strategy for the next two years. In other words, 2012 will not be just a natural evolution of the performance offered by Qualcomm processors.

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