Samsung Mobile Automatic Reflash Tool

Samsung Mobile Automatic reflash tool is intended as a tool with which to update the newest version of Android phone software supplied.

It is only necessary to connect the phone to the computer via a microUSB cable – USB 2.0. SMART – an acronym for Automatic reflash Samsung Mobile Tool – recognizes the device and automatically downloads the latest software version or later.  There are three ways:

1. Default Mode – for those who want to download the new software, no setup;

2. Factory Mode – install new software on a phone reset to factory options that come;

3. S/W Re-download – offers the possibility to download the latest content, even if the device is already present. I tell you frankly that I transcribed wrote the release, but I got the idea that this mode of SMART.

The service is available in the company’s official store.  SMART is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 32/64 bit or Windows XP 16/32bit and 100GB HDD. I do not understand why is it when HDD and especially like that it operates only in Baneasa Extravaganza, not a program to run it at home?

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