HTC Accord makes its appearance in a live image, one of the Windows Phone 8 phones on the web!

HTC had an event scheduled yesterday in New York, where it was expected to present the 3 new terminals Windows Phone 8 of the company. Rumors say that HTC models such as Accord, Zenith and Rio, and the first was already on the web a while ago, and we can say that we heard a lot of rumors about this terminal before, too.

A week ago people were speculating that the codename Accord will be dropped for an official name such as HTC 8X. Finally, what we know about the new model is that it comes without a microSD slot and has an impressive 8-megapixel camera. The smartphone we’re talking about has a Verizon branding and seems to have 4G LTE support too. HTC Accord comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor on board, most likely an S4, like the new Nokia Lumia 8 models. I expect 16 GB internal storage and 1 GB RAM as well.


It is possible that HTC has included the ImageSense camera technology on this model, as it is discussed to be a great camera. We’re curious if HTC will customize the phone via the tiles and special applications as they did with the first HTC Windows Phone models. More details will be brought from the HTC event, and then we will know for sure what’s happening with this terminal, as well with the other too.

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