HP TouchPad

In this article you will learn about the good things and which are less valued parts of the tablet, and you will know if the touchpad from HP is or isn’t a viable choice at this point to a potential buyer of tablet.

First of all it’s obviously that those from Hp tried to emulate iPad as much as possible, a visible thing not necessary through the construction and quality finishes, but through the 4:3 screen format, the Home button on the front and placement of buttons and ports on the side.

But to inspire from the most successful model of your range is not at all a bad strategy. However, the touchpad is quite choppy, measuring about 14 mm thickness, and quite heavy, weighing about 750 grams.

The exterior is built of plastic, one black and very shiny, which will take fingerprints and will look very bad even after several hours of use. However, the tablet is quite comfortable in everyday use; due to the rounded edges and it have a pretty good grip provided by the plastic cover. The thickness will not bother you so much, but you will feel the weight more quickly, especially if you want to use somehow the tablet with one hand.

I should mention that the tablet provides a microUSB port for PC connection and charging, but it no offers a HDMI and any type of memory expansion card, although we have expected something from a bulky tablet like this (in comparison, the Icon tab, a tablet about as thick and heavy, that offers a HDMI and microSD card slot and a USB 2.0 full-size).

The screen is a chapter that I personally appreciated in this tablet. With its 9.7 inch diagonal, 4:3 format, 1024×768 pixels and IPS panel, you could say that it is identical to the iPad screen. But it is still slightly less bright, and this will be felt especially when you want to use the tablet outside in bright light.

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