Dual-Sim Mobile Phone Allview Alldro P1

Dual SIM phone is the first smartphone P1 AllDro Allview range which stands out due to design or refined and classic, technical specifications and applications support. Terminal runs Android 2.2 and has a 3.5 inch capacitive multitouch display.

The concept of this product suggests harmonious combination of personal and professional needs because Android and integrated Dual SIM technology. The device provides a versatile and advanced experience addressing both the requirements and business entertainment. AllDro P1 provides an interface that allows smooth simultaneous use of applications due to maximum optimization hardware with the software.


1. 5 MP camera with face detection

Face Detection function, flash and autofocus will allow for image quality and clarity. Photos will abound in even the very details in low light. Moreover recognize dual SIM smartphone pictures and location positions it on the map to your easier to remember where they were taken.

2. Dual SIM smartphone

Separate business and personal calls and making calls to different networks at low cost. SIM cards are on standby, as a result you will not miss a call.

3. Multilingual

The easiest way to input text in Romanian is now preinstalled on AllDro P1. Besides the function of T9 in Romanian, intuitive function word recognition, multilingual application change Android’s native keyboard with one more friendly and easier to use.

4. Display 3.5″ – capacitive and multitouch

Interaction with the digital system is now closer to everyone. Take a step towards the virtual world and the latest technologies use your new phone AllDro P1. Achieving Multiple 3.5-inch display lets you increase or to decrease quickly and easily images, web pages and documents.

5. Browsing

Diagonal screen phone allows browsing in the best conditions. Visit any website, any time connections via GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi available.

6. GPS navigation

P1 is your new co-driver. Whether you are looking for a local or you simply have to travel from one point to another, P1 will show you the shortest route to the destination and will accompany you throughout the journey to be sure you arrive safely.

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