Smartphone Protection Guide In A Holiday

An effective security solution is crucial to maintain the proper functioning of a smartphone, but equally important are the additional measures. Bitdefender has made a list of best practices that keep you protected on your vacation.


Be careful what you download and from where.

Download applications only from the official stores of operators and manufacturers such as Apple App Store and Android Market. Soft sites from unofficial distributors can infect your phone or tablet and can send away to third parties, private information.

In vacation to unknown parts, you may be tempted to download applications that help you find different locations such as restaurants, hotels and museums. But you have to rely only on those coming from authorized sources. To avoid accidentally downloading unsafe applications, check the configuration of the terminal accessing settings, security and making sure that unknown sources option is unchecked.

Access only safe hot-spots.

Public wireless hotspots are vulnerable traffic interception and spread viruses as they are not password protected and can be accessed by anyone. Imagine someone at nearby intercepts packets and sees everything you do online. Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are switched off when not in use. They will consume more power and can facilitate unauthorized access to data on your mobile device.

Stop mobile data service when not in use.

Internet services in roaming are very expensive, and an application of a social network that tries to update every five minutes will cost more than the entire data plan purchase.

No Advertising on social platforms, details on the location where you are!
If you regularly update your social media accounts and share where you are and what you do consistently, carefully configure the access of others to your profile information. If it is not accessible only to your friends, you could get to disclose information that can be used by criminals, eg to tell strangers that you are not home. You agree to place large posters throughout the city to make public the place where you are?

Be careful of too good to be true offers.

If you get a sudden incredibly advantageous deals with luxury hotels at very low prices, booking apartments or mobile phone recharge offers, ignore them. A click on links contained in emails can infect your phone or tablet or completeness of formulation may lead to personal information.

Protect terminal passwords and encryption option.

If someone steals or finds your phone, hindered it with access to the information stored. Encrypt data using a dedicated software or – if the device allows – with the option of encryption available in the terminal. Use anti-theft to find your phone, lock or delete information on from a distance.

Online transactions using unsecured hotspots are risky.

Logging into any bank account involving sensitive data. Typing sensitive data during unsecured connections is risky, because traffic can be viewed by unauthorized persons. To secure banking transactions you can use a laptop, and if it runs on Windows, a dedicated solution like Safepay will help make banking transactions safe.

Alternatively you can use a local SIM card to use internet package and to perform all sensitive transactions via 3G.

Do not visit the links or attachments in emails which are coming randomly.

Just like your computer, e-mails may have attachments containing viruses for mobile terminals, and a click on such a link can install malicious software on your phone.

Install a virus protection software.

Installing an antivirus and a personal data protection solutions is imperative. But choose a reputable source and watch providers that offer PC security solutions to prevent false security solutions.

Keep updated software.

Hold your operating system and updated applications, make sure you have the latest versions of software to handle the latest threats.


HTC Expects First Losses In Its History; Nokia Lumia With Windows Phone 8 Update

HTC’s problems, which began in the last quarter of 2011, seem to never end. By continuing its decline in revenue and profit, Taiwanese announced that the third quarter of this year could bring loss, first in 2002 when the company entered the stock market.


Launch of the impressive HTC One was reflected in a visible leap of income and a slight increase in profits during the second quarter of this year, but the third quarter will be difficult. According to data released by the company, the third quarter will bring a drop in revenue to between 1.67 and $2 billion lower than the $2.5 billion estimated by analysts and lower than the one obtained three months ago. HTC says that the financial performance of One model were better than those of last year’s top models, but it seems this was not enough. Continue reading


Google Confirmed That A New Nexus 10 Will Be Released In The Near Future; Geeksphone Peak – Firefox OS 1.1 Smartphone

After announcing the new version of the Nexus 7 tablet, Google unofficially confirmed the future bigger update, costly and less popular versions with 10″ screen. It will all be made ??by Samsung, and the launch will take place in the near future. More details on Nexus 7 in here.

The statement was made by Sundar Pichai, senior director in charge of developing Android software, Chrome and Google Apps. According to it, the future model will be manufactured also by Samsung, the launch will take place in the coming months. Cadence of Nexus tablet and phone launches is about a year, Nexus 10 being announced in late October last year and we are closer to that time.


When it was launched in October, Nexus tablet impressed with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. As the new Nexus 7 has leapt to this chapter, it is expected that future Nexus 10 to make the transition to a higher resolution because the new Android 4.3 provides support for 4K resolution displays and some companies, including Samsung, have made demonstrations with higher displies resolutions than WQXGA. Continue reading

Edge Ubuntu – Canonical Wants To Build Its Own Mobile Phone

In the first months of this year, Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical Ltd have made waves with the next version of Ubuntu that will bring real convergence between mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Ubuntu Touch has already been presented in a preliminary version, but it is not simple brooding and Canonical appeal to those interested to start manufacturing the first mobile terminal under its own name.


Future Ubuntu 14.04, which will be completed next spring, will provide different interfaces depending on terminals were will run. Modes are optimized for use with one hand, two hands, keyboard or mouse, but the core software will be unique and will offer a simple migration between systems running and allow adaptation based on connected peripherals or additional screens. Developers can write unique applications to adapt to its interface.

The idea to implement a completely open system, unlike Android’s are included proprietary Google applications or services, but not liking the potential integrators and operators, even the idea of ??a locked bootloader is contrary to the principles of the company. Therefore, Canonical has decided to develop its own mobile phone: Ubuntu Edge.

Ubuntu phone is supported by an Indiegogo project aimed at raising an amount of 32 million dollars required to start production. Phone whose price will be $600 for those who will participate financially successful completion of this project will cost $850 after. The project is but one sensible amount to be collected within 30 days, and the fact that Ubuntu Edge will only be available starting next year is hardly likely to attract users. What Canonical aims to provide but for this amount?


First of all, the phone casing is made entirely of metal, the design is also one likely to attract attention. Based on a fast processor unknown that most likely it will evolve according to the news which will appear in Ubuntu Edge will provide a RAM with an impressive capacity of 4 GB and 128 GB internal storage, to support a mobile phone by connecting to a docking station with keyboard, mouse and monitor, will become a full Ubuntu PC.

The screen will have a diagonal of 4.5″ and a resolution of HD, it will be covered with a protective glass made of sapphire. The list of specifications also include two cameras with 8 and 2 MP sensor, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity LTE and dual-band 802.11n, MHL video output and a full set of sensors such as GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer. An interesting detail is the use of a battery anode made of silicon, a technological leap that we have heard in recent months and that promises a high energy density to Li-Ion models. Ubuntu phone has something in common with Nokia Lumia 1020, take a look for more information.

In many ways, Ubuntu Edge is extremely exciting. Layout and design are promising, and the idea of ??running a flexible operating system will attract advanced users. In addition, Edge will run on Ubuntu and Android, providing an alternative in applications where the offer is not good enough. Canonical project, however, is extremely expensive, and the period of only 30 days seems a little small to attract a sum so large. If it fails, Canonical said that will implement Ubuntu Touch commercially available models and will abandon the idea of ??a proper product.


War In The “Mini” League; How Well Can Withstand The HTC One Mini To Galaxy S4 Mini

HTC One mini has just been announced by the company in Taiwan. How good is in face of the Samsung Galaxy S4, its main competitor?

HTC One mini is almost confirmed. HTC One hopes that the success achieved will help with the new phone. Taiwanese financial situation is not too good, but HTC One mini might be another success. It has a metal body, a design praised by most everyone from the HTC One offers Android 4.2 Jelly Bean interface created by HTC. Below is an analysis on the strengths and weaknesses in the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.



Both phones have a 4.3-inch screen and 4G/LTE connectivity feature. The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with a difference in frequency of operation from Galaxy S4 mini. Samsung has preferred to call or consume a little more, but to ensure that all can lead to additional functions implemented by them. Both phones run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the newest version offered by Google. A common point is that both companies offer their own interface, Sense 5 and TouchWiz, but are not similar in functionality.
Continue reading

Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto X – Images And Technical Data; Nokia Lumia 920, 925 And 928 Update

Moto X has not been officially announced by the American company, but Eric Schmidt uses the Motorola smartphone. There is more information that reached the web. Specifications are not for a top smartphone but rather from the mid-range segment. Might give us a surprise and come up with a bid price. We’ll see.

Motorola Moto X

What are circulating that would incorporate Motorola Moto X?

  • – 4.3-inch display with HD resolution;
  • – Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage;
  • – Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean;
  • – 10 Megapixel/8 Megapixel and 2 Megapixel front camera;
  • – Colored caps behind Moto X.

They are unofficial and should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google recently came to an event with Motorola Moto X he used as a personal phone. Naturally there have been dozens of pictures that went around technology blogs.

Motorola Moto X reminds us of HTC One at its exterior. Might be a real hit for Motorola if it comes with Android in native stage and software updates made ??as the Nexus series phones and an attractive price.

We do not need a smartphone with FHD display and CPU at 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or another octo-core CPU to have a smooth experience regarding running on Android Jelly Bean or existing applications in Android Market. Snapdragon S4 Pro is found in LG/Google Nexus 4 and is doing great. It is said that the upcoming Google Nexus 7 2 tablet will go with the same Qualcomm hardware.

I suppose it is not long before the official launch when we have all the details and not just a collection of information reached the web.


Special camera functionality of Nokia Lumia 1020 will arrive on other Windows Phone handsets. Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928 will receive an update to Nokia Pro Camera, software that allows a much higher degree of freedom in capturing and processing images on the phone.

Even without performing PureView sensor, users of smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928 will have access to many features that make your camera phone into a more practical and more efficient one.

Among the features included in the update include Nokia Pro Camera manual focus, can control the shutter speed and “dual capture” function, which is both an image and a high resolution of 5MP loaded faster in social networks.

Nokia Lumia 1080 users already have access to other features that will migrate on older phones and all control options are slider types to be easier to use.


BlackBerry Tries To Draw Gamers Attention On A10 Phone Model

Earlier this year, BlackBerry introduced its new Z10 and Q10 handsets and the new operating system BlackBerry OS 10, but despite the fresh air, the results were not up to expectations. The company does not seem discouraged and, after launching a mobile from the intermediate range, is preparing a new flagship model: A10.


According to rumors, the BlackBerry Company will enter in the race of big screens, the future A10 will provide a screen with a diagonal of 5″. Furthermore, BlackBerry A10 will be promoted as a solution for gamers, which is ironic considering that just two years ago the company still says it is not interested in the sector as BlackBerry just means business. Continue reading


New Details About Nokia Lumia 1020: Optional Camera Hrip Optical Stabilizer And Manual Focus

The launch of Nokia Lumia 1020, hitherto known as the EOS will take place over two days. Until the official disclosure of all details of the successor model 808 PureView, new information began to emerge, and they confirmed what I knew and make a number of interesting news.

Promotional images appeared confirms previous images of the carcass of future Nokia phone, Lumia 1020 will use the already famous Nokia design and are available in three color versions: white, black and yellow. Massive sensor resolution of 41 MP, which has also been the point of attraction of the older generation will allow capture of 16:9 and 4:3 resolution of 32 MP and 38 MP resolution, using the same PureView technology oversampling.


The camera will offer a xenon lamp and LED lighting to assist focus and video footage, an f/2.2 aperture lens and retrieve the optical stabilization system used on Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928 models. Continue reading


Toshiba Excite Pro – Tablet With “Retina” Screen Of 10.1-inch; SONY SmartWatch 2

Japanese company Toshiba has just launched its new Android tablet in Europe. Toys are part of the Excite line and one of the most interesting models comes with a nice 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels.


The new 10.1-inch tablet from the Japanese giant Toshiba is powered by a new Soc (system-on-chip) quad core processor from Nvidia. We are talking about the new Tegra 4 processor that uses ARM Cortex-A15 architecture and is manufactured in 28nm technology at TSMC in Taiwan. This new chip is very powerful and will certainly provide enough performance to smoothly animate impressive games, even on a high definition screen. On the other hand, still did not know whether or not will be above a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Continue reading


Apple iPad 5 Sketches – Samsung Galaxy Beam Update

After some leaks occurred images with sketches of the future Apple iPad . They reveal that the next iteration of the iPad franchise will find much of the design lines in the current Apple iPad mini model. Edges of the next iPad are also having 7.9 inch and it would be produced by Apple. Also, it will be nearly a quarter thinner than the previous version. Drawings appeared on the internet, the fifth generation of Apple iPad will have a length of 232mm, 178.5 mm wide and only 7.9 mm thick, though when it will be added the display will earn a few mm in thickness.


The appearance of drawings, from a source that has been characterized as quite reliable in the past, is in keeping with previous rumors about the tablet. Industrial sources said that the next iteration of the iPad will be of Apple’s iPad mini trends and will be lighter and thinner. Continue reading